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Call to The Wild...

Come and connect with the some wild, raw, and cosmic energies. Let's elevate your higher self. 

Allow us take you on a journey far beyond the natural world and provide you with some unique tools to help with your spiritual practice. 

Pagan Spirit Events has partnered with Jason Slowsky, known as the Quantum Alchemist, and Spirit Apothecary to bring to you a weekend of wellness connection to Gaia and the cosmos beyond us. Join us on this journey to reconnect and elevate your spirituality to higher levels. This is the  spirituality gateway you've been seeking... 


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Meet our Workshop Facilitators

We have curated the best workshop facilitators for our retreat. Take a look below for the amazing team helping to ensure you connect with your higher self!

Meditating in Nature

What is Call to The Wild? 

Come Experience Call to The Wild...

Our spiritual wellness retreat is an all-inclusive package. The package will include the following: 

  • FULL access to all workshops, classes, and group sessions.

  • Campsites can accommodate tents or RVs.

  • All packages are for 2 people (additional adults can attend for an extra fee) 

  • Children under 12 may attend, free of charge.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Community Guidelines & The Fine Print...

This section is the fine print that we highly encourage everyone to read through prior to booking. 

Community Guidelines & Terms and Conditions MINDFULNESS Call to The Wild Spiritual Wellness Retreat welcomes all respectful guests who take responsibility for the energy that each person brings into this space. Please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with these guidelines. Following these guidelines will help staff and other retreat guests. If you have questions or problems, please contact a Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. member for further explanation or clarification. FACILITIES AND GROUNDS Call to The Wild Retreat, like the name would suggest, is out in the wild. As such, the following rules will apply: Use existing fire pits or portable fire receptacles for your campfire. Camp or park on surfaces that are resistant to impact Obey signs and posted notices All camping equipment/facilities must be portable and temporary Keep your site tidy and leave nothing behind. Take all garbage and waste with you, and properly dispose of it. Prevent the start of a wildfire. Adhere to fire alerts and advisories. Never leave a campfire unattended and extinguish your fire until the ashes are cool to the touch. Remember to soak it, stir it, and soak it again. Facilities: Our selected camp site has access to outhouses, well-water (please bring your own drinking water - highly recommended) and fire wood (we encourage you to bring your own firewood). THERE IS NO CELLPHONE SERVICE. Should there be an emergency Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. will have a satellite capable phone. Please note there are no plugins for electricity, water or sewage. (pack/plan accordingly) Our community focuses on thanking the Earth for what we’ve been given. We in turn should respect the grounds we are on by leaving them as clean if not cleaner then when we arrived. Wildlife - Our retreat is located near the Rocky Mountains, this means wildlife is very common and animals like bears are coming out of hibernation. We will have bear spray on site, however, please do bring your own if you would like. DO NOT BRING BEAR BELLS, these do not deter bears. SERVICES Cell Phone reception is not available at our campsite. Should you need to leave the campsite to make a call, please advise a Call to The Wild Retreat facilitator so the gates may be unlocked and when we can expect you back so we can ensure the gate is unlocked for you. Please be mindful that calls should be left to a minimum as we are here to connect with nature and to disconnect from our online social lives. Gas Stations closest to us are approximately 20-25 mins either east or west from the camp site should you require fuel. Outhouses are on site, however please ensure to bring your own hygiene products (E.g. toilet paper, biodegradable baby wipes, etc.) Firewood - although we do plan on having this supplied to us by the campsite itself, should you desire to bring your own wood for your own campfire on your campsite, please bring as much as you like. (be mindful of fire ban restrictions) Music - Please be mindful of how loud music is played at your site during downtimes. Music can draw in wildlife and others around you, especially at night time. Feel free to bring an instrument should play any and want to show off your talents at one of the retreat fires or for your own enjoyment at your site. Weather - Camping in/near the mountains is always a unique experience. Our retreat falls on the May Long Weekend. May 19-21, dress/pack appropriately as weather can change in an instant, we do have two covered shelters should we need to use them. However, make sure your tents are waterproof and ensure you are packed for summer or winter-like conditions. Food/Drinks - Please bring enough food for you and any members coming along with you. Ensure you have lots of drinkable water. ALCOHOL/DRUGS usage: Please keep in mind that this is a SPIRITUAL WELLNESS retreat and not a festival. Mind your manners and levels of intoxication. Should anyone become too rowdy or belligerent during their stay with us, Call to The Wild reserves the right to remove said individual from group activities and we may ask you to leave. Should you choose to bring Alcohol/Drugs, please keep them to wines/beers rather than hard liquors and cannabis (only legal drugs approved for use in Canada). Note - Call to The Wild, Pagan Spirit Events Ltd., Jason Slawosky holds no legal responsibility for negative actions of participants under the influence of any drugs, alcohol or any other substance that can cause impairment. Please consume responsibly. RETREAT COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS Respect - Call to The Wild Spiritual Wellness Retreat has a ZERO tolerance towards any kind of abuse, harassment, or hate towards any of the participants or retreat organizers. We are a safe space for anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious views, etc. Should anyone violate this, Call to The Wild reserves its right to ask the individual to leave on the spot without question or refund. Open Minded - Everyone has their own opinions, understandings, beliefs and follows various life paths that may be different to yours. This is a space for people to learn, understand and accept new ways of thinking to encourage everyone to open up their minds to new things. Please be mindful of this and not discourage anyones thoughts or beliefs. Community Focused - We have created this retreat to create a space for everyone to come and elevate their spirituality and create connections with others. The majority of this retreat is all inclusive, however, our instructors, workshop hosts may offer one-on-one services at a fee (please feel free to bring cash with you) should you decide you’d like a one-on-one session. We want everyone to feel open and free to share whatever they’d like and to grow and increase their spiritual journey. Please feel free to ask questions, provide thoughts and insights and share stories. Itinerary - the schedule we follow is not a heavy one, in fact it is very calming for everyone – you don't even need a watch. We ask that you take part in all the workshops and meditation sessions as they are part of the experience. There is plenty of free time at specified times in the day to relax and reflect on the experience and mingle with other participants. Safety - We are always wanting to ensure the safety of all participants, there are valleys, rocks, ledges, and a small creek on the site we are using. Should you have small children, please ensure you are watching them carefully as Call to The Wild does not hold any liability or responsibility for any children or people who injure themselves while being careless on the property. Theft of personal belongings - Lock valuables in your car/trailers -While we have never had a problem with theft at our events, we are not responsible for lost or stolen property. Everything valuable to you should go in a secured location. PAYMENT & PRICING Payment will only be taken via the website or by direct contact with ADAM GIASSON, ANDREA JONES or JASON SLAWOSKY and we have agreed to make a special exception should something be requested. By booking online through our booking service you have agreed to put $100.00 as a non-refundable down payment to secure your space. Please ensure you complete our booking form in its entirety to ensure we have all the information we are needing. The final payment (inclusive of any additional people attending) will be sent via an emailed invoice. Method of payment accepted - Credit card, Paypal, E-transfer (special request only) and is due no later than 90 days before the retreat. IF NO PAYMENT RECEIVED - you will forfeit your space and be removed from the guest list. TENT: $380.00 + GST includes two (2) people. Children are free under the age of 12* Tent sites are flat and tree'd in for privacy with access to outhouses and near by retreat shared camp fire sites. Food and drinks are not provided (please pack accordingly) TRAILER: $380.00 + GST includes two (2) people. Children are free under the age of 12* RV spaces are limited and are on a first come first serve basis, once the spaces are taken there are no additional spaces available. RV sites have no electrical plug-ins or sewage plug ins or water lines. Each camp site has their own campfire. Food and drinks are not provided (please pack accordingly) As our spaces are limited - we are only allowing 1 car/truck/SUV per campsite. NOTE: KANANASKIS PARK PASS IS REQUIRED DURING YOUR STAY WITH US. Purchase yours here: note: Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. is not liable should you receive a ticket for not having this park pass. *Children over the age of 12 are an additional $50.00 (please add this to the "Additional comments "section on the registration form) *Additional attendees over 18 are $50.00 (please add this to the "Additional comments "section on the registration form) CANCELLATION POLICY Call to The Wild Spiritual Wellness Retreat will go on rain or shine, although we hope for the best in terms of weather. Should you cancel from participating from the event for whatever reason please see the below chart to see how we refund accordingly*: Canceled between Dec. 3, 2o22 - Feb 18th, 2023 100% refundable - If full amount paid during this time (down payment is non-refundable) Canceled 60-Days prior to retreat 75% of package will be refunded (down payment is non-refundable) Canceled 30-Days prior to retreat 50% of package will be refunded (down payment is non-refundable) Canceled 10-Days prior to retreat 25% of package will be refunded (down payment is non-refundable) Canceled 7-Days prior to retreat 0% of package will be refunded (down payment is non-refundable) * Should you need to cancel, but know of someone who’d like to take your place instead, please contact Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. at so we can make the transfer to the people who will take your space at the retreat. Why is the down payment non-refundable? We chosen to make the down payment non-refundable as Call to The Wild Retreat had to book the space for the retreat well in advance to ensure we have secured our space to hold the retreat, this event has taken many months of planning and preparing for this retreat by securing workshops, guests to host yoga classes, etc. This also allows us to ensure that we have the necessary insurances for the event and know exactly how many people will be participating in the retreat. By placing your down payment this tells us that you are committed to the retreat and intend on participating. Unexpected circumstances that are out of Call to The Wild’s control - ​ Call to The Wild, Spirit Holdings Ltd o/a Pagan Spirit Events Ltd., Jason Slowsky is not liable under the circumstances of natural disaster, war, pandemic, failure by the venue or other situation that is out of the above mentioned parties. Call to The Wild will do their best to sort alternative arrangements, depending on the scale of the situation. COVID: No refund if you test positive for covid Full refund if you can not travel due to covid restrictions. Full refund if the retreat does not take place due to covid restrictions. ​ All information included in this and any other publicity, is correct at the time of going to press but may be subject to change. Whilst we do not anticipate changes to the advertised retreat dates, we may have to cancel or postpone retreats at our discretion. ​ LIABILITY ​ Call to The Wild shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages including but not limited to special Incidental, consequential or other damages. EVENT DATE AND TIMES FOR ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DATE: MAY 19-21, 2o23 LOCATION: 1hr west of Calgary in the Bragg Creek area (exact location and directions to get there will be given out approximately 30 Days prior the event). KANANASKIS PARK PASS IS REQUIRED FOR YOUR STAY - THIS IS AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE. Call to The Wild does not assume responsibility of any tickets given out by the park for anyone in violation of this pass requirements. *ARRIVAL: Arrival at the retreat will be from 5-7PM and the gates will be locked at the entrance. (If you require a late arrival times, please specify that in your booking intake form and we will make arrangements for you to come in at a later time) *DEPARTURE: 1PM on the 21st is check out of the retreat. *These arrival and departure times may change depending on when we gain access to the site from the site managers. Should they change an email notification will come advising of the change.

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