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Vendor Terms and Conditions

Pagan Spirit Events Vendor & Merchant Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that The New Moon Market a Pagan Spirit Event can and will

determine my onsite location/ footprint and reserves the right to change the location of my space at any time.


2. I understand that I am responsible for providing The New Moon Market with

marketing material from my business every two (2) weeks leading up to the week of the market. So, the New Moon market can promote my business on social media with paid ads by New Moon Market and/or Pagan Spirit Events.


3. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain all permits, licenses, insurance and approval to sell my merchandise or products at The New Moon Market.


4. I understand that myself, my staff, and my services/products featured in my booth may be photographed and/or videoed and used as promotional material for The New Moon Market and Pagan Spirit Events Ltd.


5. I agree to be ready to welcome the public 30 minutes before the market opens and stay open until the market closes for the day. The predetermined load in, set up, and load out times must be adhered to without exception in order to maintain safety protocols as well as the aesthetic appeal of the event.


6. I understand that sharing or subletting my booth with another vendor will not be permitted without explicit permission.


7. I understand that I am responsible for all promotional material, signage, and booth decor. I understand The New Moon Market and Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. reserves the right to alter exhibits and remove any part of exhibit or expel vendors or their personnel if their conduct or presentation is objectionable to the Market or other market participants. I also agree that I cannot leave the proximity of my booth to promote my products or services elsewhere on the site or in or on any of its properties including parking lots.


8. I agree to confine my presentation to the contracted space only. No exhibits or advertising material can extend beyond the contracted space and cannot block or detour other vendor’s right of way to their contracted space.


9. A minimum of one staff member must always be present during the market. Your table cannot be left unattended during operating hours.


10. I understand booths must always be kept neat and tidy. I am responsible for cleaning my own booth and disposing of all trash and recyclables in the appropriate bins.

11. I understand that I am legally accountable for any damages that my services or products may cause through use or consumption.


12. I understand that any losses, damages, or theft that occurs at the market or is a result ofnot complying to the market’s Terms and Conditions, is not the responsibility of Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. or The New Moon Market.


13. I understand any negative consequences due to my products, services, equipment, or staff behaviors Pagan Spirit Events Ltd., its staff, management, and stakeholders will not be held responsible or legally liable.


14. I will compensate Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. and/or The New Moon Market for any loss, fine, penalty, judgment, legal fees, and expenses reasonably connected with my failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any liability, negligence, gross negligence or injury resulting from my products, actions, conduct, booth setup, display or trade activities.


15. I understand that Pagan Spirit Events Ltd. are not responsible for any loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances or cancellation of the festival.


16. I understand that it is my responsibility to bring all the décor tables and chairs required for my booth. The New Moon Market space will charge a set fee for your space which includes one (1) table. Full payment is required to reserve your market space. Payment must be made via the Pagan Spirit Events website and a booking form must be compelted.


17. I am responsible for my own method of payment. I will bring any systems that I use and will bring my own float if accepting cash. Wi-Fi is not available. We recommend having extra data on your phone so you can take credit and debit payments. (You will make more sales with more payment options)


18. Cancelation policy. The New Moon Market is moving forward per the AHS

regulations regarding the current global pandemic. If AHS determines that, for the safety of all Albertans, the event will need to be canceled, full refunds will be issued to vendors equal to the amount they paid for their space(s). In the event New Moon Market cancels for reasons of their own, full refunds will be issued to vendors equal to the amount they paid for their space(s). If the vendor chooses to cancel for any reason, no refunds will be issued.


19. Failure to comply with these and all our official Terms and Conditions including our COVID-19 safety plan and regulations may result in the immediate cancellation of this agreement. Consequences may also include the forfeiture of your vendor space and you and your staff being asked to leave.


20. The New Moon Market staff want you to be your true magical self, and

encourage you to enjoy your time and have fun. We hope to see laughter, fun times, and create many memorable moments.

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