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Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival Vendor & Volunteer Portal

Are you a vendor, sponsor, volunteer or Workshop/Entertainer host looking to apply to become a vendor in our 1st Annual Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival? Scroll down for all the details! 

Vendors & Sponsorship level Applications

At this time we are accepting applications for vendors and sponsor level vendors for our inaugural Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival. (for details on Sponsor level applications, please scroll down further). 

WHEN: SATURDAY AUGUST 19th, 11:00AM - 7:00PM Location: Glamorgan Community Association, Calgary, AB.


What we are looking for: 

  • Pagan Vendors/ Businesses (goods and wears)

  • Healers

  • Readers

  • Energy workers

  • Educational focused Services (Pagan) 

  • Face Painters/ Body Painters 

  • Musicians 

  • Workshop facilitators

  • Spiritual wellness & healing Services 

  • Educators 

  • Speakers / Presenters 

  • Anything Occult/Pagan focused will also be considered

Vendor and Sponsorship Level Packages -

Standard Level Vendor - $120.00 (outdoor spaces left only)

Fee: $120.00 + GST 

  • 8 foot table and chairs 

  • vendor spot light feature on our social media platforms

Bronze Level Sponsor & Vendor $150.00 (outdoor spaces left only): 

(total cost: $150.00 + GST)

(Includes standard vendor package)

  • A small logo on all marketing material for the event.

  • dedicated sponsor level area at festival 

  • 2 weeks of marketing promotion leading up to event (on event page only)

  • ¼ size of page add in event brochure 

  • 2 tickets to the Witches Gala in October

Silver Level Sponsor & Vendor $300.00 (most popular - outdoor spaces left only):

(total cost $300.00 + GST)

(Includes Bronze and standard vendor package)

  • Medium Sized Logo on all marketing material for event.

  • dedicated sponsor level area at festival 

  • 1 month of marketing leading up to event on ALL our social platforms 

  • ½ size page add in event brochure 

  • 2 tickets to the Witches Gala in October

Gold Level Sponsor & Vendor $500.00 ((best value) - 1indoor space and remaining outdoor spaces only!): 

(Includes all levels of packages!) 

  • LARGE Logo on all marketing material + on all event posters and volunteer shirts and event banners

  • Dedicated sponsor level area at festival 

  • 2 months of marketing leading up to event on ALL our social platforms 

  • 1 FULL page add in event brochure 


  • 2 tickets to the Witches Gala in October

A portion of all vendor package fees and tickets get donated to the Yamnuska Wolf Dog Sanctuary through the Pagan Spirit Foundation. 
Application Due Dates: 

Gold: June 30th, 2023 

Silver: July 19th, 2023 

Bronze: Aug 1st, 2023 

Standard: Aug 1st, 2023

Please complete our vendor application below: 

Vendor Application



Please complete the form for our vendor application for Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival 2023.

Please ensure you read our terms and conditions outlined below. 

Once application is received and approved we will send an invoice for your desired vendor/sponsor level. Payment is due within 48hrs of invoice being received. If no payment received, you may forfeit your spot. 

Please Note: Bronze, Silver and Gold Level packages will be reviewed in priority over standard applications. 







Available Spaces Last Updated on: Aug 10, 2023 @ 11:40AM MST

**Please note: we update remaining packages as they are booked.

Should there be any issues booking, please email us at - please make your subject line "Pagan Pride Vendor Booking - Specify your vendor package you want to purchase). 

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Vendor/Merchant Terms and Conditions: Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival 2023 1. I understand that Pagan Spirit Events can and will determine my onsite location/ footprint and reserves the right to change the location of my space at any time. 2. I understand that I am responsible for providing Pagan Spirit Events with marketing material from my business as described in your vendor package purchased. We will need your marketing materials sent to us via the booking form found on our website when your application was submitted. These marketing materials are used to promote my business on social media with paid ads by Pagan Spirit Events. 3. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain all permits, licenses, insurance and approval to sell my merchandise or products at the Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival. 4. I understand that myself, my staff, and my services/products featured in my booth may be photographed and/or videoed and used as promotional material for Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival and Pagan Spirit Events. 5. I agree to be ready to welcome the public 30 minutes before the festival opens and stay open until the festival closes for the day. The predetermined load in, set up, and load out times must be adhered to without exception in order to maintain safety protocols as well as the aesthetic appeal of the event. Details noted above will be communicated with you 2-3 weeks out from the festival date. 6. I understand that sharing or subletting my booth with another vendor will not be permitted without explicit permission. 7. I understand that I am responsible for all promotional material, signage, and booth decor. I understand Pagan Spirit Events reserves the right to alter exhibits and remove any part of exhibit or expel vendors or their personnel if their conduct or presentation is objectionable to the festival or other festival participants. I also agree that I cannot leave the proximity of my booth to promote my products or services elsewhere on the site or in or on any of its properties including parking lots. 8. I agree to confine my presentation to the contracted space only. No exhibits or advertising material can extend beyond the contracted space and cannot block or detour other vendor’s right of way to their contracted space. 9. A minimum of one staff member must always be present during the market. Your table cannot be left unattended during operating hours. 10. I understand booths must always be kept neat and tidy. I am responsible for cleaning my own booth and disposing of all trash and recyclables in the appropriate bins. 11. I understand that I am legally accountable for any damages that my services or products may cause through use or consumption. 12. I understand that any losses, damages, or theft that occurs at the festival or is a result of not complying to the festival’s Terms and Conditions, is not the responsibility of Pagan Spirit Events or Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival. 13. I understand any negative consequences due to my products, services, equipment, or staff behaviors Pagan Spirit Events, its staff, management, and stakeholders will not be held responsible or legally liable. 14. I will compensate Pagan Spirit Events and/or Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival for any loss, fine, penalty, judgment, legal fees, and expenses reasonably connected with my failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any liability, negligence, gross negligence or injury resulting from my products, actions, conduct, booth setup, display or trade activities. 15. I understand that Pagan Spirit Events are not responsible for any loss of income due to unforeseen circumstances or cancellation of the festival. 16. I understand that it is my responsibility to bring all the décor and any tents required for my booth. The festival will have tables part of your vendor fee and chairs. The festival does not provide tents or overhead coverings for your table, that is your responsibility. 17. I am responsible for my own method of payment. I will bring any systems that I use and will bring my own float if accepting cash. Wi-Fi is not available. We recommend having extra data on your phone so you can take credit and debit payments. (You will make more sales with more payment options) 18. Cancelation policy: Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival is moving forward per the AHS regulations regarding the current global pandemic. If AHS determines that, for the safety of all Albertans, the event will need to be canceled, full refunds will be issued to vendors equal to the amount they paid for their space(s). In the event Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival cancels for reasons of their own, full refunds will be issued to vendors equal to the amount they paid for their space(s). Weather related cancellations - Please note that Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival will go on rain or shine. Ensure you are well prepared with weights for tents, soundproofing and shelter from minor rain. Should there be larger scale storms that would affect vendors and customer safety, Pagan Spirit Events will assess the situation and explore postponement or cancellation of the event entirely. If the vendor chooses to cancel for any reason later than 14-days before the festival, no refunds will be issued. Should you need to cancel, please email us immediately at NO SHOWS - Should you choose to NO-SHOW at our festival, there is NO REFUND and Pagan Spirit Events reserves its right to discontinue any business with you moving forward. 19. Failure to comply with these and all our official Terms and Conditions including our COVID-19 safety plan and regulations may result in the immediate cancellation of this agreement. Consequences may also include the forfeiture of your vendor space and you and your staff being asked to leave. 20. Pagan Spirit Events staff want you to be your true magical self, and encourage you to enjoy your time and have fun. We hope to see laughter, fun times, and create many memorable moments.

Thanks for submitting! Please monitor your emails for our reply and invoice if your application has been approved. Application review and responses can take up-to 2-3 business days from receiving your application!

Volunteers Wanted!

Are you interested in volunteering at Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival? 


We are currently looking to for volunteers for our first SAPPF! 


We are currently taking applications for volunteers for our first annual Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival in Calgary AB. The event will be held on Saturday August 19th, 2023 from 11AM - 7PM. The festival will be held at the Glamorgan Community Centre. 

Positions we are looking to fill: 

  • Guest Services (ticketing and general event info for arriving guests at the main entrance) 

  • Food and Drink Services (help run our Green Fairy Cauldron Lounge) 

  • Security (help to ensure the safety and security of our event, an ideal candidate should have first aid) 

  • General Volunteer (help where needed) 

  • Pagan Spirit Events Table (hand out brochures and information about Pagan Spirit Events) 


If you are interested, please apply below and reference which position you are applying for. 


Ideal qualifications to volunteer with us: 

  • At least 18 years of age 

  • Must be in-tune with Paganism/ Spiritual Wellness 

  • Prior experience in volunteering is an asset 

  • Must be available on Saturday August 19, 2023 from 8AM - 10PM (Set up and take down)

  • Must have reliable transportation to Calgary, AB where the event will be held 

  • Must be positive and engaging and outspoken.

  • Bring positive energy and willing to help event attendees with any questions or concerns. 

  • Community involvement within the Alberta Pagan community is also considered an asset. 

  • You love to laugh, create magical memories, want to help create and inspire people with your knowledge and personality.


If you think this description fits you, please complete our application and submit a brief cover letter explaining how you align with our event and who you are and how your experience is relevant to this festival. If you do NOT have relevant experience, but are still interested in applying, we would still invite you to apply and as indicated above, please send us a cover letter explaining who you are and how you align with Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival!


We want to thank you all for applying and only those that align with our event 


Should you have any questions prior to applying, please feel free to email us

Volunteer Application

Please complete this volunteer application form to apply for a position at the Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Event! 

We are so excited to review all the applications and will contact successful applicants for next steps! 

Upload File

Thanks for applying! We will review your application and contact you for next steps! Please be sure to check your email and spam folders! Please note: application reviews and responses may take up-to 2-3 business days.

Entertainers, Workshop Facilitators, Ritual Leaders, Guest Speakers, We Want You!

Southern Alberta Pagan Pride Festival is currently seeking talent for our inaugural Pagan Pride Festival on August 19th, 2023. We are looking to fill some open spaces for the following: 

  • Open and Closing Ritual leaders

  • Drumming circle/ Sound bowl circle 

  • Group rituals 

  • Guest speakers who focus on Paganism education and awareness spiritual wellness, spirituality, etc. 

  • Workshops 

  • Body motion / dancing facilitators 

  • Divination educational speakers 

  • Spellwork / magick basics speakers 

  • Indigenous Speakers

  • Dancers / Artists / Singers / Bands / Poets 

If you happen to fit one of the above noted areas, we would love to hear from you on what you have to offer. If you don't happen to fit one of the above mentioned categories, reach out to us and let us know how you can elevate our Pagan Pride Festival! We are looking for these facilitators on a volunteer basis at this time, as this is a community focused event. 

Please fill out our form below! We can't wait to connect! 

Entertainment and Facilitators Application


Do you love public speaking? 


Are you passionate about Paganism or anything New Age and want to share it with the public and like-minded individuals? 

Are you a singer/ band or musical performer? 

Are you a ritual guru and want to open or close our special celebration? 

Do you dance or perform? 

We are seeking all forms of talent for our Pagan Pride Festival! 

We can't wait to hear from you!

Thanks for submitting! a Pagan Spirit Events member will be in touch with you if we feel that your offering is in alignment with this event. Please note: response times may take up-to 2-3 business days

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